The MotorMan

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11 Manitoba St, Saint Thomas, Ontario N5P 2Z9, Canada

The Motor Man repairs pumps & electric motors for a wide range of services in the commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential fields; including manufacturing, material handling, food & beverage, institutional, property management, marine,waste management and auto-electric and more.

     Custom service includes:

  • Complete electric motor testing, rewinding and rewind conversion is available
  • DC motor rebuilding including field and armature rewinding
  • Turning, undercutting and polishing of commutators
  • Transformer rebuilds
  • Custom Eddy current clutch and brake coil manufacturing
  • Precision dynamic balancing service

We provide sales and service to:

  • AC/DC, standard & metric motors
  • Capacitor, bearing and pulley supplies
  • Fan, blower, exhaust, golf cart motors
  • aeration fans, auger drives, crop driers
  • generators
  • hoists, winches, sand & salter motors
  • Auto electric motors
  • Gear reducers
  • Servo and stepper motor repair
  • Waste & fresh water pumps
  • Spa/pool, hydraulic, vacuum pump repairs
  • Power tool repairs